Group Homes

Arizona MENTOR believes that when young people live in homes—where they are surrounded by peers and caring adults committed to their well-being—they have the best chance for positive growth and success.

Our children’s Group Homes are designed for youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities and those who have been previously unsuccessful in other residential settings.  Under the 24-hour supervision of caring professionals, youth are given guidance and support to overcome any challenge in order to:

  • Increase independence
  • Do well in school
  • Develop social skills and meaningful friendships
  • Explore their interests
  • Take part in community activities

Skills to Succeed at Home and Beyond

In each of our group homes, we offer personalized services and create opportunities for youth to develop physically, mentally and emotionally.  We focus on helping youth learn to overcome challenges so they can reach their full potential, with skill development in areas including:

  • Communication
  • Motor skills
  • Cognitive skills
  • Independent living skills such as personal care
  • Overcoming behavioral challenges such as acting out

A Network of Support

And our support goes far beyond the walls of our Group Homes.  Our staff works hard to help youth develop a network of community supports that includes neighbors, case managers, ministers, teachers and family members. 

At Arizona MENTOR, we want to ensure that youth continue to be successful once they reach their permanency goals.  Whether they reunify with families, transition into other community living programs, or move into their own home or apartment after turning 18, we focus on giving them the skills they’ll need to lead healthy, stable lives.