Commitment to Quality

Our state Quality Improvement team, which is part of our national Quality Improvement network, helps ensure that the services we provide:

  • Are safe and highly effective for each person we serve.
  • Are delivered by qualified, specially trained employees who share Arizona MENTOR’s belief that the individuals we serve deserve the highest level of service.
  • Are continually improving.
  • Comply with all state requirements for providing services to individuals with disabilities and other challenges.
  • Are cost-effective for all individuals served and payors.
  • Reflect each person’s unique needs and preferences.
  • Enable them to form strong relationships in the community of their choice.
  • Respect their right to make informed decisions about their treatment and to choose the treatment that best fits their personal preferences, beliefs and goals.

A National Quality Improvement Network

As part of The MENTOR Network's national Quality Improvement program, Arizona MENTOR’s Quality Improvement team performs ongoing service audits to ensure that the people we serve receive the positive outcomes they deserve and want. Our Quality Improvement team is responsible for:

  • Incident management
  • Information systems
  • Training protocols
  • Satisfaction surveys