Child Developmental Homes

At Arizona MENTOR, we believe that children belong in homes with loving families.  In our Child Developmental Homes, also known as Host Homes, specially skilled caregivers, who we call Mentors, offer 24-hour personalized care in a loving family home where children with intellectual and developmental disabilities receive the physical and emotional support they need to thrive.

Our Child Developmental Home program coordinators work with each child, their family members or other caregivers, and their Mentor to develop an Individual Service Plan (ISP) especially for their needs.  Each child’s plan includes a personalized array of supports, which may include skill development, behavioral health services, and help with daily living tasks such as personal care and school work.

Individualized Service, Nurturing Support

With support from the Arizona MENTOR team, Mentors provide a warm home environment in which the child becomes a part of the family and is included in family activities. While in the Mentor home, children receive personalized supports designed to help them progress toward their full potential, including:

  • 24-hour home-based supervision
  • Help taking medications
  • Coordination of medical and rehabilitative care
  • Support exploring hobbies and making friends
  • Communication with teachers and other school staff
  • Transportation to school and community activities

Developing Life Skills

In addition, Mentors in our Child Developmental Homes help the children they care for develop skills to help them succeed at home, in school and wherever they go in life, including:

  • Independent living skills, such as dressing and personal hygiene
  • Motor skills
  • Cognitive development
  • Positive behavioral strategies
  • Social skills
  • Communication

Our Mentors do more than open their homes to the children in our program; they open their hearts, too.  We carefully screen our Mentors and ensure they have all the skills necessary to help the children we serve lead healthy, full lives. Through our comprehensive matching process, we ensure that each child is cared for by the Mentor best able to support their unique needs.

Want to Make a Difference? Become a Mentor

As a Mentor, you can make a difference in a child’s life and earn money at home. Visit to see how you can change a life as a caregiver.