In Home Support

Arizona MENTOR's In-Home Support Services are a flexible alternative to group homes or other out-of-home care. We help children with intellectual or developmental disabilities remain in their homes of origin, where they can benefit from close family relationships and progress toward their full potential.

We know that every family is unique. That’s why our staff gets to know each member of the family so that we can provide support that helps them work better as a family and pursue meaningful life goals together.

Arizona MENTOR supports the whole family in creating an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) that works for them, whether that means providing supervision while caregivers are at work, preparing meals or providing nurturing behavioral interventions for children with behavioral challenges.

Attendant Care

Staff support children and their caregivers with a wide range of daily living tasks, including:

  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Personal hygiene
  • Mobility support, such as walking or getting into a wheelchair 
  • Support participating in hobbies and community events


Our In-Home Support Services help children develop life skills that help them succeed in the home, in school and in the community, including:

  • Setting positive life goals
  • Making friends
  • Cognitive skills
  • Motor skills
  • Communication
  • Overcoming behavior challenges such as acting out or fighting


When primary caregivers need a break, our respite supports allow them to rest and recharge knowing that their child is receiving all supervision and personal care they need to continue flourishing. Respite can be provided in the child’s home or in the community.