Day Programs

Everyone should have the opportunity to learn, grow and discover new possibilities in the communities they call home.  That’s why Arizona MENTOR offers an array of engaging activities and supportive therapy in our structured habilitative Day Programs. In our center-based day programs, we serve individuals who live in group homes, host homes or with family members or other caregivers. Services are designed to help each person become more independent while developing meaningful relationships with peers, with staff and in the community.

Depending on their unique needs, individuals can choose from an array of programs including:

Personalized Services

Our specially trained staff partner with the individual, their family members and other significant people in their lives to create an Individualized Service Plan (ISP). This plan identifies each adult’s unique needs, interests and preferences for service. With staff support, adults build life skills related to their ISP, including communication, independent living and motor skills. Depending on each person’s interests and goals, they may participate in a wide range of fun, skill-building activities, including:

  • Community activities and outings
  • Cooking classes
  • Computer training
  • Arts and crafts
  • Physical fitness
  • Gardening
  • Dance
  • Vocational training

We believe that personal choice is essential to helping someone reach their full potential. With staff support, individuals choose the activities that interest them and help them meet the goals they have set for their lives.